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Photo of Nelson, Florence Florence Nelson   12/16/2014
Photo of Grote, Donald Donald Grote   12/16/2014
Photo of Manska, Janis Janis Manska   12/14/2014
Photo of Roach, Judith Judith Roach   12/08/2014
Photo of Anderson, Jessie Jessie Anderson   11/26/2014
Photo of Monson, Esther Esther Monson   11/19/2014
Photo of Nelson, Esther Esther Nelson   11/16/2014
Photo of Timm, John John Timm   11/13/2014
Photo of Paulsrud, Rebecca Rebecca Paulsrud   11/10/2014
Photo of  Riley, Helen Helen Riley   11/08/2014
Photo of Voorhees, Joan Joan Voorhees   10/28/2014
Photo of Ascheman, James James "Jim" Ascheman   10/25/2014
Photo of Grothe, Paul Paul Grothe   10/24/2014
Photo of Pierce, Alice Alice Pierce   10/23/2014
Photo of Petrick, Phyllis Phyllis Petrick   10/17/2014
Photo of Hamann, Elfrieda Elfrieda Hamann   10/16/2014
Photo of Voorhees, Irene Irene Voorhees   10/14/2014
Photo of Reiman, Eugene Eugene Reiman   10/13/2014
Photo of Newell, Kathleen Kathleen Newell   10/13/2014
Photo of Hanson, Lucille Lucille Hanson   10/12/2014
Photo of Chevalier, Genevieve Genevieve Chevalier   10/09/2014
Photo of Forbord, Myron Myron Forbord   10/06/2014
Photo of Dokkebakken, Dean Dean Dokkebakken   10/02/2014
Photo of Fox, Lula Lula Fox   09/29/2014
Photo of Cramlet, Mildred Mildred Cramlet   09/23/2014
Photo of Novotny, Keith Keith Novotny   09/21/2014
Photo of Sonsteng, Robert Robert Sonsteng   09/20/2014
Photo of Spath, Rosalee Rosalee Spath   09/14/2014
Photo of Novak, George George Novak   09/12/2014
Photo of Skare, Olga Olga Skare   09/06/2014
Photo of Dehne, Pearl Pearl Dehne   09/03/2014
Photo of Naig, Jerome Jerome Naig   08/28/2014
Photo of Dutcher, Shelly Shelly Dutcher   08/18/2014
Photo of Arnold, Brynn Brynn Arnold   08/15/2014
Photo of Selix, Opal Opal Selix   08/14/2014
Photo of Nelsen, Henry Henry Nelsen   08/01/2014
Photo of Johnson, Yvonne Yvonne Johnson   07/30/2014
Photo of Boals, Ann Ann Boals   07/22/2014
Photo of Plumhoff, Wendell Wendell Plumhoff   07/20/2014
Photo of Wrobleski, Kayla Kayla Wrobleski   07/15/2014
Photo of Bruess, Ruth Ruth Bruess   07/13/2014
Photo of Jungwirth, Barry Barry Jungwirth   07/09/2014
Photo of Staton, Minnetta Minnetta Staton   07/07/2014
Photo of Svor, Berdina Berdina Svor   07/06/2014
Photo of Aslakson, Maurice Maurice Aslakson   07/06/2014
Photo of Stottler, Frances Frances Stottler   07/05/2014
Photo of O'Malley, Sylvara Sylvara "Sally" O'Malley   07/01/2014
Photo of Redfield, Ragna Ragna Redfield   06/28/2014
Photo of (Gaulke) Mitteness, Gwenith Gwenith (Gaulke) Mitteness   06/24/2014
Photo of Taylor, Sylvia Sylvia Taylor   06/24/2014
Photo of Skarsten, Lorraine Lorraine Skarsten   06/20/2014
Photo of Swenson, Norma Norma Swenson   06/16/2014
Photo of Opp, Donald Donald Opp   06/04/2014
Photo of Hedrick, Deanna Deanna Hedrick   06/02/2014
Photo of Kepner, Ben Ben Kepner   06/02/2014
Photo of Bennett, Donald Donald Bennett   05/27/2014
Photo of Kottke, Frances Frances Kottke   05/21/2014
Photo of Fischer, Erick Erick Fischer   05/21/2014
Photo of Nordaune, Bernice Bernice Nordaune   05/20/2014
Photo of Dahl, Robert Robert Dahl   05/18/2014
Photo of Foley, Steven Steven Foley   05/12/2014
Photo of Wilts, Mildred Mildred Wilts   05/10/2014
Photo of Grage, Allan Allan Grage   05/08/2014
Photo of Lundeen, Charlene Charlene Lundeen   05/07/2014
Photo of Eye, Everett Everett Eye   05/06/2014
Photo of Critz, Bradley Bradley Critz   04/29/2014
Photo of Graham, Irene Irene Graham   04/25/2014
Photo of Beyer, LeRoy LeRoy Beyer   04/25/2014
Photo of Tucholke, Marlowe Marlowe Tucholke   04/22/2014
Photo of Nissen, Lenore Lenore Nissen   04/17/2014
Photo of Jagow, Melba Melba Jagow   04/17/2014
Photo of Olson, Jerry Jerry Olson   04/12/2014
Photo of Lokken, Arlene Arlene Lokken   04/08/2014
Photo of Schwab, Alice Alice Schwab   04/08/2014
Photo of Nelson, Norman Norman Nelson   04/07/2014
Photo of Delgehausen, Carol Carol Delgehausen   04/01/2014
Photo of Nysetvold, Orwin Orwin Nysetvold   04/01/2014
Photo of Larson, Bernice Bernice Larson   03/31/2014
Photo of Kleven, Ione Ione Kleven   03/31/2014
Photo of Dokken, Lois Lois Dokken   03/24/2014
Photo of Nordaune, James James Nordaune   03/23/2014
Photo of O'Connor, Betty Betty O'Connor   03/21/2014
Photo of Pederson, Michael Michael Pederson   03/13/2014
Photo of McGee, Evelyn Evelyn McGee   03/12/2014
Photo of Rau, Merlin Merlin Rau   03/11/2014
Photo of Vollan, Lois Lois Vollan   03/09/2014
Photo of Rajewsky, Lois Lois Rajewsky   03/08/2014
Photo of Hendrickson, Evangeline Evangeline Hendrickson   03/07/2014
Photo of Wilkening, Joyce Joyce Wilkening   03/05/2014
Photo of Gades, Donna Donna Gades   03/04/2014
Photo of Tatge, Orville Orville Tatge   03/01/2014
Photo of Lursen, Eldon Eldon Lursen   02/17/2014
Photo of Brott, Archie Archie Brott   02/12/2014
Photo of Maanum, Jean Jean Maanum   02/11/2014
Photo of Cronen, Jeanette Jeanette Cronen   02/11/2014
Photo of Erenberg, Robert Robert Erenberg   02/08/2014
Photo of Knutson, Daniel Daniel Knutson   01/30/2014
Photo of Krupke, Ethel Ethel Krupke   01/25/2014
Photo of Claussen, George George Claussen   01/22/2014
Photo of Molden, Doris Doris Molden   01/13/2014
Photo of Kittelson, Douglas Douglas Kittelson   01/12/2014
Photo of Rear, John John Rear   01/11/2014
Photo of Smith, Margaret Margaret Smith   01/05/2014
Photo of Fossen, Rodney Rodney Fossen   12/30/2013
Photo of Webber, Debra Debra Webber   12/29/2013
Photo of Ollendick, Peter Peter Ollendick   12/27/2013
Photo of Sondag, Marian Marian Sondag   12/27/2013
Photo of Ellingson, Leila Leila Ellingson   12/22/2013
Photo of Stensrud, Ellsworth Ellsworth Stensrud   12/21/2013
Photo of Hinneberg, Constance Constance Hinneberg   12/21/2013
Photo of Reich, Lyland Lyland Reich   12/13/2013
Photo of Jacobson, Loretta Loretta Jacobson   12/07/2013
Photo of Freilinger, Leona Leona Freilinger   12/06/2013
Photo of Johnson, Deann Deann Johnson   12/05/2013
Photo of Halvorson, DuWayne DuWayne Halvorson   12/05/2013
Photo of Pearson, Arden Arden Pearson   12/04/2013
Photo of Walsh, Margaret Margaret Walsh   12/03/2013
Photo of Krattenmaker, Vera Vera Krattenmaker   12/01/2013
Photo of Goldsmith, Beverly Beverly Goldsmith   12/01/2013
Photo of Gronholz, Roger Roger Gronholz   11/30/2013
Photo of Ascheman, Charles Charles Ascheman   11/16/2013
Photo of Zinda, Mildred Mildred Zinda   11/12/2013
Photo of Beveridge, Marian Marian Beveridge   11/03/2013
Photo of McKewin, The Rev. Robert The Rev. Robert McKewin   10/31/2013
Photo of Reese, Alice Alice Reese   10/28/2013
Photo of Miller, Naomi Naomi Miller   10/26/2013
Photo of McGeary, Virginia Virginia McGeary   10/25/2013
Photo of Kurrasch, Gary Gary Kurrasch   10/24/2013
Photo of Bartz, Dennis Dennis Bartz   10/13/2013
Photo of Stone, Andrew Andrew Stone   10/07/2013
Photo of Keller, William William Keller   10/06/2013
Photo of Schirmer, Agnes Agnes Schirmer   10/06/2013
Photo of Hennessy, Josephine Josephine Hennessy   10/02/2013
Photo of Gades Jr., William William Gades Jr.   10/02/2013
Photo of Massey, Susan Susan Massey   09/30/2013
Photo of Kulseth, Judy Judy Kulseth   09/30/2013
Photo of LaGrange, Lois Lois LaGrange   09/28/2013
Photo of Ohmacht, Leona Leona Ohmacht   09/27/2013
Photo of Neuhaus, Donald Donald Neuhaus   09/23/2013
Photo of Reuss, Clara Clara Reuss   09/18/2013
Photo of Zinda, Bernice Bernice Zinda   09/15/2013
Photo of Murray, Lois Lois Murray   09/09/2013
Photo of Anderson, Richard (Dick) Richard (Dick) Anderson   09/06/2013
Photo of Vlach, Joseph Joseph Vlach   09/02/2013
Photo of Aust, Joseph Joseph Aust   08/22/2013
Photo of DuVall, Charles Charles DuVall   08/12/2013
Photo of Lietz, LeRoy LeRoy Lietz   08/12/2013
Photo of Twitchell, Gloria Gloria Twitchell   08/11/2013
Photo of Emde, Mabel Mabel Emde   08/08/2013
Photo of Cartwright, Geraldine Geraldine Cartwright   08/06/2013
Photo of Krattenmaker, Camilla Camilla Krattenmaker   08/01/2013
Photo of Windmueller-Schlieman, Anna Anna Windmueller-Schlieman   07/22/2013
Photo of Hanson, James James Hanson   07/19/2013
Photo of Bruess, Jr., Elroy Elroy Bruess, Jr.   07/18/2013
Photo of Simonson, Gertrude Gertrude Simonson   07/10/2013
Photo of Mills, Jr., Leonard Leonard Mills, Jr.   07/02/2013
Photo of Bartz, DeWayne DeWayne Bartz   07/01/2013
Photo of Walsh, Gregory Gregory Walsh   06/25/2013
Photo of Christenson, Meranda Meranda Christenson   06/23/2013
Photo of Paulson, Helen Helen Paulson   06/18/2013
Photo of Kalthoff, Stella Stella Kalthoff   06/10/2013
Photo of Sonsteng, Murien Murien Sonsteng   06/04/2013
Photo of Peterson, Bueford Bueford Peterson   06/02/2013
Photo of Arnold, Joan Joan Arnold   05/30/2013
Photo of Dehne, Bruce Bruce Dehne   05/25/2013
Photo of Rasmussen, Doris Doris Rasmussen   05/25/2013
Photo of Pittman, LeWarne LeWarne Pittman   05/18/2013
Photo of Pederson, Phillip Phillip Pederson   05/13/2013
Photo of Vergin, Esther Esther Vergin   05/09/2013
Photo of Swingseth, Ervin Ervin Swingseth   05/08/2013
Photo of Tatge, Alice Alice Tatge   05/07/2013
Photo of Quigley, Michael Michael Quigley   05/07/2013
Photo of Schlueter, Harvey Harvey Schlueter   04/24/2013
Photo of Commerford, Michael Michael Commerford   04/19/2013
Photo of Korstjens, George George Korstjens   04/17/2013
Photo of Rand, Arthur Arthur Rand   04/16/2013
Photo of Borstad, Gaylen Gaylen Borstad   04/14/2013
Photo of Commerford, Marcella Marcella Commerford   04/10/2013
Photo of Grothe, Joanne Joanne Grothe   04/05/2013
Photo of Neuhaus, LaVerne LaVerne Neuhaus   04/04/2013
Photo of Grussing, Donald Donald Grussing   04/03/2013
Photo of Bretado Jr., Jesus Jesus Bretado Jr.   04/03/2013
Photo of Beyer, Mary Lou Mary Lou Beyer   03/29/2013
Photo of Showalter, Sandra Sandra Showalter   03/28/2013
Photo of Anderson, Ronald Ronald Anderson   03/26/2013
Photo of Johnson, Roselle Roselle Johnson   03/17/2013
Photo of Stutelberg, Clariene Clariene Stutelberg   03/14/2013
Photo of Skoglund, Frances Frances Skoglund   03/13/2013
Photo of Becker, Evangeline Van Evangeline Van Becker   03/09/2013
Photo of Zurn, Marvin Marvin Zurn   03/07/2013
Photo of Wiese, LaMar LaMar Wiese   03/03/2013
Photo of Lachmiller, Robert Robert Lachmiller   03/03/2013
Photo of Peterson, Milton Milton Peterson   03/01/2013
Photo of Henneberg Jr., Ernest Ernest Henneberg Jr.   02/28/2013
Photo of Beaston, Marie Marie Beaston   02/25/2013
Photo of Sturm, Violet Violet Sturm   02/20/2013
Photo of Palm, June June Palm   02/19/2013
Photo of Ziegler, Bonnie Bonnie Ziegler   02/18/2013
Photo of Munsterman, Walter Walter Munsterman   02/16/2013
Photo of Bronniche, Clifford Clifford Bronniche   02/12/2013
Photo of Cram, Melvin Melvin Cram   02/07/2013
Photo of Hollingsworth, Vernon Vernon Hollingsworth   02/05/2013
Photo of Hayes, Geneva Geneva Hayes   02/03/2013
Photo of Holstad, Darwin Darwin Holstad   01/31/2013
Photo of Evenson, Geneva Geneva Evenson   01/24/2013
Photo of Falk, Wendell Wendell Falk   01/21/2013
Photo of Miller, Gary Gary Miller   01/19/2013
Photo of Mills, Kurt Kurt Mills   01/16/2013
Photo of Wilder, Judith Judith Wilder   01/11/2013
Photo of Motzko, Jean Jean Motzko   01/08/2013
Photo of Robertson, Bertha Bertha Robertson   01/08/2013
Photo of Matthews, James James Matthews   01/05/2013
Photo of Blalock, Karen Karen Blalock   01/04/2013
Photo of Running, Milton Milton Running   01/04/2013
Photo of Vergin, Floyd Floyd Vergin   12/22/2012
Photo of Flannigan, James James Flannigan   12/20/2012
Photo of Kleven, Eugene Eugene Kleven   12/09/2012
Photo of Clarke, Mary Teresa Mary Teresa Clarke   12/01/2012
Photo of Briscoe, David David Briscoe   12/01/2012
Photo of Moline, Lorraine Lorraine Moline   12/01/2012
Photo of Quinn, Barbara Barbara Quinn   11/30/2012
Photo of Skjei, Bervin Bervin Skjei   11/25/2012
Photo of Palmer, Raymond Raymond Palmer   11/22/2012
Photo of Arnold, Mardell Mardell Arnold   11/16/2012
Photo of Lindstrom, Mae Mae Lindstrom   11/15/2012
Photo of Lauinger, Leo Leo Lauinger   11/13/2012
Photo of Lucking, Margaret Margaret Lucking   11/10/2012
Photo of Smith, Ronald Ronald Smith   11/06/2012
Photo of Jones-Regan, Jessica Jessica Jones-Regan   11/04/2012
Photo of Arneson, Terrence Terrence Arneson   10/27/2012
Photo of Wrobleski, Darcy Darcy Wrobleski   10/24/2012
Photo of Pillatzki, Lawrence Lawrence Pillatzki   10/23/2012
Photo of Berres, Sr., Mathew George Mathew George Berres, Sr.   10/18/2012
Photo of Tjosaas, Homer Homer Tjosaas   10/14/2012
Photo of Jerdee, Jerry Jerry Jerdee   10/10/2012
Photo of Danielson, Vicki Vicki Danielson   10/10/2012
Photo of Pederson, Hilda Hilda Pederson   10/03/2012
Photo of Loen, Mabel Mabel Loen   09/27/2012
Photo of Hippen, Eugene Eugene Hippen   09/23/2012
Photo of Fjordbak, Roger Roger Fjordbak   09/21/2012
Photo of Strand, Alfred Alfred Strand   09/20/2012
Photo of Loen, Delmer Delmer Loen   09/09/2012
Photo of DeMarce, Paul Paul DeMarce   09/08/2012
Photo of Schlieman, Lois Lois Schlieman   09/07/2012
Photo of Pederson, Jennie Jennie Pederson   09/06/2012
Photo of Aagesen, Edna Edna Aagesen   09/03/2012
Photo of Wanke, Thomas Sr. Thomas Sr. Wanke   09/02/2012
Photo of Glimsdal, Eileen Eileen Glimsdal   09/01/2012
Photo of Hagen, Holly Holly Hagen   08/29/2012
Photo of DeMarce, Lawrence Lawrence DeMarce   08/28/2012
Photo of Brustuen, Robert Robert Brustuen   08/20/2012
Photo of Borstad, Philip Philip Borstad   08/18/2012
Photo of Fath, Bill Bill Fath   08/06/2012
Photo of Baumgartner, Marjorie Marjorie Baumgartner   08/04/2012
Photo of Kashmark, Charles Charles Kashmark   07/28/2012
Photo of Rheingans, George George Rheingans   07/15/2012
Photo of Corle, Karen Karen Corle   07/15/2012
Edith Meis   07/14/2012
Photo of Sather, Lowell Lowell Sather   07/10/2012
Photo of Schafer, Doris Doris Schafer   07/07/2012
Photo of Nemmers, Jane Jane Nemmers   07/02/2012
Danny Cox   07/02/2012
Photo of Jeitz, Patti Patti Jeitz   06/24/2012
Photo of Hoverson, Beatrice Beatrice Hoverson   06/17/2012
Photo of Hoberg, Elmer Elmer Hoberg   06/15/2012
Photo of Minchow, Johnathon Johnathon Minchow   06/05/2012
Evelyn Bakke   06/03/2012
Photo of Hilleren, Deborah Deborah Hilleren   06/01/2012
Photo of Grussing, Vivian Vivian "Jean" Grussing   05/31/2012
Photo of Johnson, Alphild Alphild Johnson   05/24/2012
Photo of Klassen, Myrtle Myrtle Klassen   05/21/2012
Photo of Skare, Ione Ione Skare   05/17/2012
Leona Reinke   05/15/2012
Photo of Schloendorf, Herb Herb Schloendorf   05/10/2012
Photo of Bartz, Wilbert Wilbert Bartz   05/02/2012
Photo of Smith, Arnold Arnold Smith   04/30/2012
Photo of Peterson, Douglas Douglas Peterson   04/30/2012
Photo of Holmgren, Larry Larry Holmgren   04/27/2012
Photo of Golden, Sonora Sonora Golden   04/26/2012
Photo of Rois, Gladys Gladys Rois   04/22/2012
Photo of Holmgren, Loren Loren Holmgren   04/20/2012
Photo of Dolan, Mary Mary Dolan   04/16/2012
Photo of Weber, Thomas Thomas Weber   04/12/2012
Photo of DeBuhr, Herman Herman DeBuhr   04/05/2012
Photo of  Roth Anfinson, Patricia Patricia Roth Anfinson   04/04/2012
Photo of Hilleren, Evelyn Evelyn Hilleren   04/03/2012
Photo of Schneiderman, AlJean AlJean Schneiderman   04/01/2012
Photo of Wick, Clarence Clarence Wick   03/22/2012
Photo of Ranney, Donald Donald Ranney   03/21/2012
Photo of Senske, Guy Guy Senske   03/20/2012
Alma Dowdy   03/14/2012
Photo of Muehlberg, Hugh Hugh Muehlberg   03/12/2012
Photo of Ascheman , Bernice Bernice Ascheman   03/10/2012
Photo of Neuhaus, Dorothy Dorothy Neuhaus   03/09/2012
Photo of Svea, Arlene Arlene Svea   03/05/2012
Photo of Smith, Raymond Raymond Smith   03/03/2012
Photo of Carlson, Emery Emery Carlson   03/01/2012
Photo of Gronholz, Dennis Dennis Gronholz   02/25/2012
Photo of Hippen, Dorothy Dorothy Hippen   02/24/2012
Photo of Nevins, Opal Opal Nevins   02/20/2012
Photo of Jaeger, Delores Delores Jaeger   02/15/2012
Photo of Johnson, Leona Leona Johnson   02/15/2012
Photo of Hughes, Elizabeth Elizabeth Hughes   02/13/2012
Photo of Wicke, Charlotte Charlotte Wicke   02/07/2012
Photo of Schmidt, Evelyn Evelyn Schmidt   02/04/2012
Photo of Edman, Jim Jim Edman   01/31/2012
Photo of Osterbauer, Madge Madge Osterbauer   01/30/2012
Photo of Tjosaas, Violet Violet Tjosaas   01/29/2012
Photo of Payne, LaBonna LaBonna Payne   01/29/2012
Photo of Suckow, Arlene Arlene Suckow   01/29/2012
Photo of Schafer, Clifford Clifford Schafer   01/29/2012
Photo of Velde, Ann Ann Velde   01/21/2012
Photo of Gjerdingen, Margaret Margaret Gjerdingen   01/20/2012
Photo of Jorgenson, Alton 'Roger' Alton 'Roger' Jorgenson   01/11/2012
Janice Haugen   01/03/2012
Photo of Hilleren, Linda Linda Hilleren   12/29/2011
Photo of Dittes, Anthony Anthony Dittes   12/29/2011
Darrell Skarsten   12/26/2011
(No Photo Available) Linda Kirch   12/21/2011
Brandy Barrera   12/17/2011
Photo of Hanson, Dennis Dennis Hanson   12/15/2011
Photo of Brustuen, Ashley Ashley Brustuen   12/08/2011
Photo of McGeary, Austin Austin McGeary   12/01/2011
Photo of Anderson, Valeida Valeida Anderson   11/28/2011
Photo of Remund, Myrna Myrna Remund   11/18/2011
Photo of Ziegler, Harold Harold Ziegler   11/17/2011
Photo of Collins, Michael Michael Collins   11/17/2011
Photo of Ziegler, Harold Harold Ziegler   11/17/2011
Photo of Fernholz, Leon Leon Fernholz   11/16/2011
Photo of Olson, Russell Russell Olson   11/14/2011
Photo of Kellner, Arlene Arlene Kellner   11/14/2011
Photo of Engebretson, Grace Grace Engebretson   11/09/2011
Photo of VanWinkle, Mildred Mildred VanWinkle   11/01/2011
Photo of Ellingson, Evelyn Evelyn Ellingson   10/28/2011
Charles Telford   10/27/2011
Photo of Henriksen, Judith Judith Henriksen   10/25/2011
Photo of Bakeberg, Randall Randall Bakeberg   10/23/2011
Photo of Lee, Harry Harry Lee   10/21/2011
Photo of Brown, Kenneth Kenneth Brown   10/19/2011
Photo of Block, Avis Avis Block   10/19/2011
Photo of Cain, Alice Alice Cain   10/19/2011
Photo of Hanson, Sigvald Sigvald Hanson   10/16/2011
Photo of Klucas, Alice Alice Klucas   10/13/2011
Photo of Jorgenson, Bernita Bernita Jorgenson   10/13/2011
Photo of Heinecke, Elrene Elrene Heinecke   10/09/2011
Photo of Kurkosky, Priscilla Priscilla Kurkosky   10/03/2011
Photo of O'Malley, Agnes Agnes O'Malley   10/02/2011
Photo of Klenken, Lorraine Lorraine Klenken   10/01/2011
Photo of Anderson, Eileen Eileen Anderson   09/24/2011
Hilma Ekse   09/19/2011
Photo of Wendland, Lillian Lillian Wendland   09/18/2011
Photo of Schroeder, Bertha Bertha Schroeder   09/17/2011
Photo of Pittman, Dorothy Dorothy Pittman   09/16/2011
Photo of Hoffman, Beverly Beverly Hoffman   09/15/2011
Photo of Forbord, Adlore Adlore Forbord   09/14/2011
Photo of Flaten, Lois Lois Flaten   09/11/2011
Photo of Banken, Raymond Raymond Banken   09/10/2011
Photo of Hoffman, Roger Roger Hoffman   09/07/2011
Photo of Perseke, Vera Vera Perseke   09/04/2011
Photo of Anderson, Arnold Arnold Anderson   08/24/2011
Photo of Rohloff, Lorraine Lorraine Rohloff   08/21/2011
Photo of Anderson, Arlene Arlene Anderson   08/16/2011
Photo of Thielke, Amanda Amanda Thielke   08/09/2011
Photo of Tjosaas, Bertha Bertha Tjosaas   08/09/2011
Janice Anderson Aanenson Peccia   08/05/2011
Photo of Lindahl, Loren Loren Lindahl   08/03/2011
Photo of Skare, Eloise Eloise Skare   07/28/2011
Photo of Thymian, Virginia Virginia Thymian   07/28/2011
Photo of Schwandt, Bruno Bruno Schwandt   07/23/2011
Photo of Hentges, Victor Victor Hentges   07/22/2011
Photo of Jeitz, Stanley Stanley Jeitz   07/20/2011
Photo of Matthies, Florene Florene Matthies   07/14/2011
Photo of Christenson, Gladys Gladys Christenson   07/11/2011
Photo of Syverson, Doris Doris Syverson   07/10/2011
Photo of Diederich, Bonnie Bonnie Diederich   07/07/2011
Photo of Erickson, Glorraine Glorraine Erickson   07/05/2011
Photo of Molden, Gerald Gerald Molden   07/01/2011
Photo of Tostenson, Esther Esther Tostenson   06/28/2011
Photo of Madden, Michael Michael Madden   06/20/2011
Photo of Roiland, Ruth Ruth Roiland   06/13/2011
Photo of Motzko, Carmen Carmen Motzko   05/26/2011
Photo of Rice, Ginter Ginter Rice   05/25/2011
Catherine Lee   05/23/2011
Photo of Lee, Nancy Nancy Lee   05/23/2011
Photo of Nelson, Margaret Margaret Nelson   05/19/2011
Photo of Krogstad, Lyle Lyle Krogstad   05/15/2011
Photo of Kent, Dorothy Dorothy Kent   05/15/2011
Photo of DeVaan, James James DeVaan   05/12/2011
Photo of Lund, Cora Cora Lund   05/10/2011
Photo of Arneson, Frances Frances Arneson   05/02/2011
Photo of Erickson, Idella Idella Erickson   05/01/2011
Photo of Bridgland, Lucy Lucy Bridgland   04/30/2011
Photo of Jaeger Aslakson, Gertrude Gertrude Jaeger Aslakson   04/29/2011
Photo of Hagen, Scott Scott Hagen   04/24/2011
Photo of Schwendemann, Sharon Sharon Schwendemann   04/21/2011
Photo of Torgerson, Norma Norma Torgerson   04/18/2011
Photo of Werner, Alida Alida Werner   04/13/2011
Photo of Kiefert, Arnold Arnold Kiefert   04/12/2011
Photo of Chamberlain, Ellard Ellard Chamberlain   04/11/2011
Photo of Jensen DeLong, LaMerle LaMerle Jensen DeLong   04/08/2011
Photo of Ascheman, John John Ascheman   04/08/2011
Photo of Lundebrek, Richard Richard Lundebrek   04/08/2011
Photo of Lundebrek, Mary Mary Lundebrek   04/06/2011
Photo of Lokken, Albert Albert Lokken   04/03/2011
Photo of Vollan, Stanley Stanley Vollan   04/01/2011
Photo of Holmes, Madeline Madeline Holmes   03/22/2011
Photo of Quinn, Evelyn Evelyn Quinn   03/22/2011
Photo of Forbord, Ida Ida Forbord   03/18/2011
Photo of Shaffer, Olga Olga Shaffer   03/18/2011
Photo of Weeding, Della Della Weeding   03/10/2011
Photo of Busse, Ruth Ruth Busse   03/10/2011
Photo of Banister, Ronald Ronald Banister   03/06/2011
Photo of Thompson, John John Thompson   02/28/2011
Photo of Byrne, James James Byrne   02/18/2011
Photo of Frederickson, Ruth Ruth Frederickson   02/17/2011
Photo of Syverson, Ronald Ronald Syverson   02/17/2011
Robert Thompson   02/14/2011
Photo of Lee, Edna Edna Lee   02/12/2011
Photo of Quandt, Donald Donald Quandt   02/11/2011
Photo of Fritz, Lorraine Lorraine Fritz   02/10/2011
Photo of Wrobleski, David David Wrobleski   02/10/2011
Photo of Hillman, Clarence Clarence Hillman   02/09/2011
Photo of Anderson, Willford Willford Anderson   01/31/2011
Photo of Telford, Edna Edna Telford   01/28/2011
Photo of Lysen, Donald Donald Lysen   01/28/2011
Photo of Shores, Stephen Stephen Shores   01/18/2011
Photo of Ostby, Luverne Luverne Ostby   01/14/2011
Photo of Hawkinson, Wilbur Wilbur Hawkinson   01/08/2011
Photo of Tollefson, Dustin Dustin Tollefson   01/07/2011
Photo of VanWinkle, Harold Harold VanWinkle   12/27/2010
Photo of Remund, Marlo Marlo Remund   12/23/2010
Photo of Smith, Lori Lori Smith   12/23/2010
Photo of Gades, Ernest Ernest Gades   12/21/2010
Helen Tiffany   12/17/2010
Photo of Knutson, Rudolph Rudolph Knutson   12/16/2010
Photo of Hilleren, Wilfred Wilfred Hilleren   12/13/2010
Photo of Munsterman, Vivilor Vivilor Munsterman   12/07/2010
Photo of Wester, Mabel Mabel Wester   12/06/2010
Photo of Wilkening, Carol Carol Wilkening   11/30/2010
Photo of Saulsbury-Felcyn, Leona Leona Saulsbury-Felcyn   11/28/2010
Photo of Sturm, Dale Dale Sturm   11/27/2010
Photo of Grussing, Lillian Lillian Grussing   11/25/2010
Photo of Fragodt, Kenneth Kenneth Fragodt   11/25/2010
Photo of Langan, Matthew Matthew Langan   11/24/2010
Photo of DeHaan, Candace Candace DeHaan   11/22/2010
Photo of Paulson, Darrell Darrell Paulson   11/15/2010
Photo of Buyck, Pearl Pearl Buyck   11/15/2010
Photo of Tucholke, Wilfred Wilfred Tucholke   11/09/2010
Photo of Zinda, Henry Henry Zinda   11/08/2010
Photo of Little, Frances Frances Little   11/07/2010
Eleanor Boettcher   11/05/2010
Photo of Razink, Donald Donald Razink   11/01/2010
Photo of Brown, George George Brown   10/29/2010
Photo of Forbord, Olive Olive Forbord   10/22/2010
Photo of Kerr, Marian Marian Kerr   10/20/2010
Photo of McGee, Robert Robert McGee   10/17/2010
Photo of Buckingham, Thomas Thomas Buckingham   10/15/2010
Photo of Arndt, Leona Leona Arndt   10/15/2010
Photo of Hastings, Jim Jim Hastings   10/13/2010
Photo of Meyer, Hilda Hilda Meyer   10/03/2010
Photo of Payne , Elizabeth Elizabeth Payne   09/26/2010
Photo of Sadergaski, Agnes Agnes Sadergaski   09/21/2010
Photo of Krebs-Lee, Rita Rita Krebs-Lee   09/21/2010
Photo of Nelson, Alma Alma Nelson   09/15/2010
Photo of Olson, Adelaide Adelaide Olson   09/14/2010
Photo of Rodi, Helen Helen Rodi   09/13/2010
Photo of Amlie, Hazel Hazel Amlie   09/11/2010
Photo of Geyer, Raymond Raymond Geyer   09/10/2010
Photo of Thielke, Virgil Virgil Thielke   09/06/2010
Photo of Krupke, Harlan Harlan Krupke   09/01/2010
Photo of Griffin, Richard Richard Griffin   08/30/2010
Photo of Gallagher, Lorraine Lorraine Gallagher   08/30/2010
Photo of Kunter, Esther Esther Kunter   08/23/2010
Photo of McTighe, Dorothy Dorothy McTighe   08/21/2010
Photo of Jacobson, Bertice Bertice Jacobson   08/20/2010
Photo of Johnson, Clarence Clarence Johnson   08/20/2010
Photo of Anderson, Ina Ina Anderson   08/20/2010
Photo of Force, Burle Burle Force   08/19/2010
Photo of Nordby, Beverly Beverly Nordby   08/19/2010
Janet Boyington   08/15/2010
Photo of Krattenmaker, Harlan Harlan Krattenmaker   07/31/2010
Photo of Flaten, Eldon Eldon Flaten   07/31/2010
Photo of Goulet, Doris Doris Goulet   07/30/2010
Photo of DeBuhr, Ethel Ethel DeBuhr   07/28/2010
Photo of Burns, Patricia Patricia Burns   07/22/2010
Photo of VanderWeyst, Eleanor Eleanor VanderWeyst   07/21/2010
Photo of Henkelmann, Lillian Lillian Henkelmann   07/08/2010
Photo of Olson, Kevin Kevin Olson   07/03/2010
Photo of Smith, Dorothy Dorothy Smith   06/27/2010
Larry Ziegler   06/27/2010
Photo of Ingvaldson, Eleanor Eleanor Ingvaldson   06/27/2010
George Landmark   06/25/2010
Photo of Rode, Fern Fern Rode   06/24/2010
Photo of Heinrich, Charles Charles Heinrich   06/23/2010
Photo of Wollschlager, Harry Harry Wollschlager   06/22/2010
Photo of Shelstad, Maynard Maynard Shelstad   06/19/2010
Photo of Branch, Nellie Nellie Branch   06/13/2010
Photo of Steffen, Mark Mark Steffen   06/13/2010
Photo of Hagen, Alice Alice Hagen   06/08/2010
Photo of Buyck, John John Buyck   06/07/2010
Photo of Steen Stensrud, Karen Karen Steen Stensrud   06/06/2010
Photo of Mills, Melanie Melanie Mills   05/30/2010
Photo of Rodahl, Marguerite Marguerite Rodahl   05/29/2010
Richard Vierkandt   05/24/2010
Photo of Millett, Ramon Ramon Millett   05/20/2010
Photo of Mellgren, Phyllis Phyllis Mellgren   05/19/2010
Photo of Keller, Vivian Vivian Keller   05/17/2010
Photo of Hanson, Alice Alice Hanson   05/09/2010
Photo of Radischat, Anna Anna Radischat   05/06/2010
Photo of Mast, Benjamin Benjamin Mast   05/05/2010
Photo of DeVaan, Cody Cody DeVaan   05/05/2010
Photo of Heinecke, Harold Harold Heinecke   04/23/2010
Leonard Tiffany   04/18/2010
Photo of Amundson, K. K. Amundson   04/16/2010
Photo of Brustuen, James James Brustuen   04/11/2010
Photo of Clemen, Edward Edward Clemen   04/08/2010
Randall Christenson   04/08/2010
Photo of Atchison, Betty Betty Atchison   04/05/2010
Photo of McGinty, Tim Tim McGinty   04/03/2010
Photo of Walsh, Francis Francis Walsh   04/03/2010
Joseph Berreau   04/03/2010
Photo of Johnson, Verner Verner Johnson   03/28/2010
Photo of Crary, Roger Roger Crary   03/28/2010
Photo of Yost, William William Yost   03/21/2010
Photo of Smith, Lester Lester Smith   03/18/2010
Photo of Steffen, Heather Heather Steffen   03/17/2010
Photo of Johnson, Bertina Bertina Johnson   03/15/2010
Photo of Himley, Marion Marion Himley   03/12/2010
Photo of Breum, Dorothy Dorothy Breum   03/08/2010
Photo of Johnson   Meader, Mildred Mildred Johnson Meader   03/08/2010
Laurene DeMarce   03/02/2010
Photo of Larson, Lyla Lyla Larson   02/28/2010
Photo of Swanberg, Mary Mary Swanberg   02/26/2010
Photo of Berens, Roy Roy Berens   02/16/2010
Photo of Sandven, Mildred Mildred Sandven   02/14/2010
Lida Svea   02/12/2010
Photo of Nordby, Louise Louise Nordby   02/04/2010
Photo of Chase, Birdelyn Birdelyn Chase   02/02/2010
Photo of Rohloff, Bernadine Bernadine Rohloff   01/27/2010
Photo of Forbord, Joraan Joraan Forbord   01/26/2010
Shirley Reuss   01/25/2010
Photo of Rheingans, Leona Leona Rheingans   01/23/2010
Photo of Rheingans, Leona Leona Rheingans   01/23/2010
Photo of Bjorgan, Tena Tena Bjorgan   01/22/2010
Photo of Stevanus, Viola Viola Stevanus   01/21/2010
Photo of Manley,, James James Manley,   01/16/2010
Photo of Reuss, Marjorie Marjorie Reuss   01/13/2010
Photo of Anderson, Violet Violet Anderson   01/11/2010
Photo of Koosman, Doris Doris Koosman   01/10/2010
Photo of Pederson, Joyce Joyce Pederson   01/08/2010
Photo of Klang, Helen Helen Klang   01/05/2010
Photo of Atchison, Dorothy Dorothy Atchison   01/02/2010
Photo of Munsterman, Mark Mark Munsterman   12/29/2009
Photo of Shores, William William Shores   12/28/2009
Photo of Schlueter, Mabel Mabel Schlueter   12/19/2009
Photo of Schmidt, Darlene Darlene Schmidt   12/18/2009
Photo of Hargreaves, Clarence Clarence Hargreaves   12/18/2009
Photo of Ogren, Helmer Helmer Ogren   12/16/2009
Merlyn Sachs   12/05/2009
Hazel Ness   12/04/2009
Raymond Schaaf   11/29/2009
Photo of Johnson, Walter Walter Johnson   11/27/2009
Photo of Rodahl, Harvey Harvey Rodahl   11/22/2009
Photo of VanderWeyst, George George VanderWeyst   11/21/2009
Leona Zahnow   11/18/2009
Photo of Lonneman, Vincent Vincent Lonneman   11/17/2009
Orpha Wilson   11/16/2009
James Hegland   11/08/2009
Joyce Brown   11/08/2009
Photo of Cronen, Dennis Dennis Cronen   11/05/2009
Photo of Lietz, Vione Vione Lietz   11/01/2009
Photo of Klucas, John John Klucas   10/30/2009
Photo of Byrne, Isabelle Isabelle Byrne   10/27/2009
Photo of Bartlett, Gwendolyn Gwendolyn Bartlett   10/18/2009
Photo of Munsterman, Florence Florence Munsterman   10/12/2009
Photo of Gjerdingen, Erwin Erwin Gjerdingen   10/08/2009
Photo of Munsterman, Viola Viola Munsterman   10/03/2009
Photo of Schwandt, Irene Irene Schwandt   09/30/2009
Photo of Slaughter, Henry Henry Slaughter   09/23/2009
Marion Schwandt   09/20/2009
Photo of Loen, Lynn Lynn Loen   09/17/2009
Irene Kamrud   09/11/2009
Photo of Erdman, Margaret Margaret Erdman   09/11/2009
Photo of Olson, Adeline Adeline Olson   09/11/2009
Photo of Christenson, Wilton Wilton Christenson   09/05/2009
Photo of Christenson, Florance Florance Christenson   08/28/2009
Photo of Chamberlain, Alice Alice Chamberlain   08/26/2009
Photo of Teske, Delford Delford Teske   08/25/2009
Photo of Kulseth, Thelma Thelma Kulseth   08/24/2009
Photo of Winger, Robert Robert Winger   08/07/2009
William Mitteness   07/31/2009
Photo of Banken, Marie Marie Banken   07/27/2009
Photo of Murphy, Marilynn Marilynn Murphy   07/27/2009
Phillip Collins   07/26/2009
Photo of Hansen, Deborah Deborah Hansen   07/22/2009
Photo of Boutain, Gladys Gladys Boutain   07/20/2009
Hjalmer Hanson   07/18/2009
Elmyra Kittelson   07/12/2009
Photo of Hanson, Mildred Mildred Hanson   07/12/2009
Edna Larson   07/09/2009
Photo of Friedrich, Luella Luella Friedrich   07/04/2009
Photo of Avelsgaard, Juliet Juliet Avelsgaard   06/29/2009
Photo of Telford, Gary Gary Telford   06/28/2009
Photo of Benham, James James Benham   06/25/2009
Photo of Grussing, Kenneth Kenneth Grussing   06/13/2009
Photo of Jeitz, Bonnie Bonnie Jeitz   06/08/2009
Photo of Krier, Chad Chad Krier   06/07/2009
Photo of Giese, Dorethea Dorethea Giese   06/02/2009
Paulette Poitra   06/01/2009
Photo of Mauch, Jean Jean Mauch   05/31/2009
Helen Jensen   05/29/2009
Photo of Mattheisen, Ethelwyn Ethelwyn Mattheisen   05/27/2009
Helen Hanson   05/24/2009
Marjorie Boyle   05/23/2009
Photo of Cannon, Joseph Joseph Cannon   05/15/2009
Photo of Nelson, Baan Jean Baan Jean Nelson   05/09/2009
Photo of Connolly, Thomas Thomas Connolly   05/04/2009
Photo of Lee, Carolyn Carolyn Lee   05/03/2009
Photo of Anderson, Leo Leo Anderson   05/03/2009
Photo of Fragodt, Signora Signora Fragodt   05/03/2009
Photo of Koosmann, Verna Verna Koosmann   04/30/2009
Photo of Fennell, Thomas Thomas Fennell   04/27/2009
Photo of Dirkswager, Carmen Carmen Dirkswager   04/25/2009
Photo of Shelstad, Verlyn Verlyn Shelstad   04/23/2009
Photo of Grothe, Mark Mark Grothe   04/23/2009
Photo of Harms Behlen, Elvera Elvera Harms Behlen   04/22/2009
Photo of Boraas, Donna Donna Boraas   04/18/2009
Photo of Puchalski, Raymond Raymond Puchalski   04/16/2009
Clarence Pearson   04/13/2009
Nora Motzko   04/11/2009
Photo of Johnson-Claussen, Elsa Elsa Johnson-Claussen   04/10/2009
Photo of McLaughlin, Mary Mary McLaughlin   04/07/2009
Photo of Hoberg, Gladys Gladys Hoberg   04/03/2009
Photo of Baker, Dianne Dianne Baker   03/21/2009
Rosalie Lucking   03/14/2009
Photo of Goulson, Muriel Muriel Goulson   03/13/2009
Photo of Mahoney, Sharon Sharon Mahoney   03/11/2009
Photo of Reuss, Evelyn Evelyn Reuss   03/07/2009
Photo of Hilke, Margaret Margaret Hilke   03/04/2009
Photo of Barduson, Harry Harry Barduson   03/03/2009
Photo of Carl, Chester Chester Carl   03/01/2009
Photo of Schlieman, Marlys Marlys Schlieman   02/22/2009
Photo of Halvorson, James James Halvorson   02/20/2009
Photo of Madden-Reiman, Lois Lois Madden-Reiman   02/20/2009
Photo of Aust, Bertha Bertha Aust   02/18/2009
Photo of Estwick, Maynard Maynard Estwick   02/18/2009
Ann Kielty   02/17/2009
Photo of Chevalier, Robert Robert Chevalier   02/15/2009
Photo of Quick, Frances Frances Quick   02/15/2009
Photo of Hamann, Eleanor Eleanor Hamann   02/14/2009
Photo of Byre, Signora Signora Byre   02/10/2009
Photo of Petrick, Merlyn Merlyn Petrick   02/09/2009
Lawrence Rohloff   02/07/2009
Photo of Amundson, Russell Russell Amundson   02/01/2009
Photo of Saunders, James James Saunders   01/31/2009
Photo of Witte, Michael Michael Witte   01/30/2009
Photo of Larson, Richard Richard Larson   01/25/2009
Alice Quaal   01/24/2009
Thorvin Johnson   01/23/2009
Arnold Danielson   01/23/2009
Michael Kotzer   01/21/2009
Photo of Ehrenberg, Dale Dale Ehrenberg   01/21/2009
Photo of Veum, Marjorie Marjorie Veum   01/19/2009
Photo of Femrite, Sally Sally Femrite   01/17/2009
Photo of Reu, Florence Florence Reu   01/16/2009
Photo of Bangsund, Wallace Wallace Bangsund   01/16/2009
Photo of Tollefson, Evelyn Evelyn Tollefson   01/10/2009
Photo of Zielsdorf, Mabel Mabel Zielsdorf   01/09/2009
Photo of Wood, Martin Martin Wood   12/31/2008
Pearl Holland   03/20/1910
(No Photo Available)  
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